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and hijinks 


Everything I need to know, I learned from the Muppets.
The best creative work requires a little chaos, a lot of heart,
a touch of melancholy, goofs galore…
and should be powered by collaboration and community.

I am driven to foster emotional connection so that,
to loosely quote Colum McCann’s Let The Great World Spin, 
together we can find in others the ongoing of ourselves. Whether that’s through a good cry on the subway, an absurd photo op, a deep and empathetic conversation with another human being, advocating for climate justice and racial equality, or telling stories with my own unique voice.  

So grab your tissues and your clown nose, and let's go.

Currently Creating

29LIVES continues! After a NYC workshop production and season one of a web series, season two is in full swing. I’m overjoyed to continue to collaborate with these creatives (and sing some killer harmonies). Race to watch my
latest episode in the series!

Currently Loving

I’m a sucker for stories about stories. Alexandra Rowland’s
A Choir of Lies not only showcases the both destructive and healing ability of stories, but does so with rich world-building and humor. (Plus you can't help but want to give the narrator a big, overdue hug.)

Currently Uplifting

Rivers and Lands Conversancy helps steward and protect Southern California's natural, wild, and open spaces. (They're currently conserving over 14,000 acres!) My late mom served as RLC's executive director — so RLC’s work is also part of the ongoing of my mom's legacy.

What's New


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Angela Lansbury, Comedy, Comedic, Comic, Actor, Singer, Musical Theater, Mari Uchida, Photography
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